Manifesto for the new Saab

1. Declare the whole year 2010 „Saab year of independence“ – starting with the „day of independence“. Use this idea for the whole campaign. Generate maximum PR impact with minimum marketing money.

2. Start with a three step dealers marketing/mailing campaign as soon as possible (at the beginning of March).

3. Make the „Buy your Saab now“ claim an important part of „the year of independence“.

4. Use the legendary great past and the now legendary months of support as a basic idea and combine it with strong ideas for the bright future of the brand.

5. The worldwide „rescued Saab convoy“ of all convoys should be a highlight of this campaign celebrated in spring when the weather is fine (maybe april).

6. Combine the whole campaign with special (leasing/finance) conditions for the immediately available models.

7. Use the whole campaign for the introduction of the new Saab 9-5. The new 9-5 has to be the (once) legendary "Car of Independence" – loaded with maximum emotional impact.

8. The 9-5 has to be communicated as a very very special car: You have to be proud driving it.

9. Create a label for every new „independent Saab“ made in Trollhättan. It has to be some kind of numbered special metallic plate.

10. Rules for a new Saab:
- Avoid any kind of (german) premium arrogance. Saab is the opposite. Saab is about emotions. Saab is the „last of the independents“. Driving a car of this special brand is a real statement. It has a meaning.
- Realize the best car quality ever: Make it an integral part of the „independent new Saab“ campaign.
- Create open consumer communications now. Use the www (SU, RS) for marketing communications 2.0.

To be completed. Your thoughts are welcome.

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